I am currently offering one-to-one lessons to Pupils of all ages and abilities online using ZOOM! I have been teaching on this platform since March 2020 and have a good understanding in getting good quality sound and a structured class using the tools available.


As I believe repertoire is the most important aspect of a musicians arsenal I am open to teaching beginners guitar and music theory catering to the music tastes of the pupil, be it Rock, Reggae, Jazz or Latin.

I also offer advance courses in Technical Rock & Metal, Jazz, Classical Guitar and Flamenco, these involve a more concise look at:

• Improvisation & Understanding of Musical Conversation
• Ear Training to help you Learn to intuitively play what’s in your head
• Harmony & Theory (Understanding music as a language)
• The Technique & Dexterity (providing the skills to perform advance styles)

All students will have the option to play a vast array of Guitars in my possession to get a feel for the right guitar to suit their playing


I am currently charging £20 for 45 minute Classes on Zoom

I request students practise at least 30 minutes a day on work set to help move the progress of the pupil in the right direction.