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My Music History

I was bought up in a very musical family constantly listening to Classical, Jazz and 70’s rock from a young age. At 12 years old I took up drum lessons to pick up a hands-on understanding of isolated rhythm but by 14 moved to guitar, picking up rock styles and playing with drummers and other musicians to learn the art of making musical conversation.

After 2 years at TVU, completing a National Diploma in Music performance, I co-created and performed in the Funk 7-piece ‘Junkyard Scientists’, playing gigs at venues and festivals in the south of the UK, picking up stage experience and understanding music performance in larger ensembles.


In 2012 I Graduated from LCCM (London Centre of Contemporary Music) where I focused my studies on Jazz, Advanced Music Theory and Arranging for large ensembles before moving to Barcelona to learn Classical Spanish Guitar, Flamenco & Latin Music. I performed with Majorcian artist Steven Munar and as a solo guitarist all over the north-east of Spain before returning to London in September 2014.

I am currently studying Flamenco with London based Flamenco Guitarist Ramon Ruiz and regularly travelling to Spain to seek out local teachers to advance my studies in the Spanish Guitar.